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Safety Glasses

Safety glasses/eyewear are one of the most basic health and safety equipment required in all industrial, construction and manufacturing activities.  Many organizations, consider over the counter certified safety eyewear to be sufficient for the protection of their employee's eyes.  However, when certified safety glass is refitted with a prescription lens for the power of an employee, the product is no longer of the same standards as the certified product. This results in a compromise on the safety of the employee's eyes. 

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We at Yateem Group felt that this gap needs to be addressed and that any safety eyewear that comes from us even with a prescription, should be of the international safety standards. UVEX is the leading safety eyewear specialist in the world. We worked closely with the UVEX team in getting our lens factory certified to meet the UVEX production standards. This required extensive quality control and modifications to our production process and currently, we are the only lab in GCC to be certified by UVEX. 


Any UVEX safety eyewear purchased from Yateem Opticians, whether it be with prescription lenses or without, meets the same CE , ISO and international quality certifications as a UVEX safety eyewear. So when it comes to safety eyewear, Yateem group is your number one choice.

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